Swansea Civic Society

Swansea Civic Society is committed to working locally towards promoting a quality, attractive, safe and sustainable built environment. The Society wishes to encourage local pride in our city, local history, from its industrial origins to the modern city it now is. Executive members therefore keep a careful scrutiny over planning applications and other proposals for significant change. the Society aims to be constructive in its own proposals and in its responses to any planning or strategy documents that are produced for consultation. The Society aims to keep our members updated on current proposals and to share its vies on ongoing issues. On the occasions where the Society agrees an issue should be brought more clearly into the public domain, necessary steps will be taken to achieve that end.

Contact Name: Phillipa Watkins

Contact Telephone: 01792 203574 (Philippa Watkins),
01792 207110 (Eileen Watkins)

Contact E-mail: philippa.watkins@btinternet.com,


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