Schools Liaison Project

Promoting Cymdeithas Tai Hafan Spectrum Pack Resource to schools across Wales.

Description of Organisation:
The core aim of the project is to promote an understanding of issues surrounding Domestic Abuse in Young people in schools or similar establishments.

Address: Spectrum Project, Schools Liaison Officer, Cymdeithas Tai Hafan, CTH


Contact Name: Miss Rosalyn James

Cymdeithas Tai Hafan 123-124 Woodfield Street Morriston SA6 8AR

Contact Telephone: 01792 315980
Contact Mobile: 07776 464295
Contact Fax: 01792 781111

Contact E-mail:

Please Describe Any Disabled Access That Is Available: Accessible to wheelchair users with assistance

Opening Times: 9:00am - 5:00pm Mon-Fri

Publications Produced: Spectrum Pack Mini-Spectrum


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