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Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales

Any other names/acronyms which you are known by: FTWW

Description: Fair Treatment for the Women of Wales (FTWW) is a third sector organisation set up to support, inform, educate, and advocate for girls and women in Wales who are suffering a range of health conditions and who are not receiving adequate (or fair) treatment.

FTWW aims to empower women to speak up with confidence amidst a medical and societal environment which tends to privilege the male experience, often dismissing women’s symptoms and concerns as being ‘psychological’ in origin.

Current campaign is on Endometriosis but it is our mission to support all girls and women regardless of the condition as we notice the big inequalities women face within the healthcare system.

We have a closed Facebook group for discussion and information, a website, and you can also contact us for further support.

Services Offered: Support, Guidance

Website: www.ftww.co.uk/our-mission

Contact Name: Debbie Shaffer
Position In Organisation: CEO

Contact E-mail Address: info@ftww.co.uk

Status of organisation: Voluntary/Charity

Please add any other details:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/393110234196590/


Disability Sport Wales

Aiming to increase oportunities for people with a disability to participate in Sports and Physical Activity

Description of Organisation: Various sports clubs and activities throughout swansea and the surrounding area. Both pan disability clubs and mainstream clubs covering most sports.

Website: www.disability-sport-wales.org

Contact Name: Mr Nicola Rogers
Position In Organisation: Disability Sports Development Officer

Contact Address:
Room 211
Penllergaer Offices

Contact Telephone: 01792 635460

Contact E-mail: Nicola.Rogers@swansea.gov.uk

Please Describe Any Disabled Access That Is Available:
Accessible to wheelchair users without assistance